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Donovan s.r.o. , Vnútorná Okružná 2941/57, 94501 Komárno, Business ID: 53991281, VAT number: 2121540388, Registered in Nitra, department Sro, company ID number 55063/N (hereinafter referred to as “Safti Haita”), the operator of the online store, declares that all personal data (hereinafter referred to as “data”) are considered strictly confidential and are handled by the applicable legal provisions in the field of personal data protection. 
The security of your data is a priority for us, and therefore we pay due attention to personal data and its protection. This Personal Data Processing Policy (“Policy”) would we wanted to inform you about what personal data we collect about you and how we further use it. 
1. Personal data and their processing 
1.1. Categories of personal data 
We collect different data depending on which of our services you use. 
If you shop with us without registration, we collect: 
• Name and contact information. Name and surname, e-mail address, postal address, billing address, telephone number, bank account 
• Data generated based on the duration of the contract – purchased products, customer segment, the volume of services provided 
If you shop with us as a registered customer, we collect: 
• The same data as users without registration
• Data generated based on the duration of the contract – purchased products, customer segment, the volume of services provided 
• Login. Login names and passwords. We do not have access to the actual password. 
When you receive marketing communications from us, we collect: 
• Name and contact details – e-mail address and first name. We also process the following personal data: 
• Data from communication between Safit Haita and the customer 
• Records of behavior on websites managed by Safti Haita 
1.2. Purposes of personal data processing: 
Provision of services and their improvement. To be able to provide the offered services and improve them to your satisfaction, we process your data. 
Specifically, these include: 
• Processing of orders for goods or services, ordered or not through our website or customer line. Legally the reason here is the necessity for the fulfillment of the purchase contract and, in the case of selected data, for the fulfillment of legal obligations (e.g. accounting documents). 
• Customer support. To provide customer service and to remove in the event of any problems with the fulfillment of the purchase contract, we process your data based on the necessary fulfillment of these contracts. 
• Communication. We use the collected data for communication with you and its adaptation. For example, we may contact you by phone, e-mail, or in another form to remind you that you have items in your online cart, help you complete your order, notify you of the current status of your request, order, or claim, or obtain additional information from you. information or notify you that you need to take any action necessary to maintain the active status of your account. If you shop with us as a non-member, we process this data because of a legitimate interest that lies in Safit Haita’s legitimate interest as described above. 
• Improving services. We use the data to continuously improve ours
 services and systems, including the addition of new functions, and at the same time to make informed decisions using aggregated analyzes and business intelligence, all based on our legitimate interest arising from the freedom of business and consisting in the necessity of improving the services provided due to success in economic competition. To ensure sufficient protection of your rights and interests, we use personal data in anonymized form for improvement purposes. 
2. Protection, security, and dispute resolution. 
We may also process data for a legitimate interest, which is to ensure the protection and security of our systems and our customers, to detect and prevent fraud, to resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements based on legitimate interest. 
2.1. Marketing offers. 
Email newsletter (business announcement) 
• We send you commercial notices regarding similar products to the ones you purchased. 
• You can always opt out of these commercial communications via
 the unsubscribe link found in each email. To unsubscribe, you can also directly contact our customer service or the data protection officer. 
• If you unsubscribe from commercial notifications, we will not continue to use your electronic contacts for these purposes. We will start using them again if you register them or explicitly request them. 
Marketing offers shown to you may be selected based on additional information we have collected about you over time such as contact information, demographic information, favorites, and usage data from our products and websites (cookies, IP address, data provided by your browser, data on clicks, displayed commercial announcements, visited products). We do not perform fully automated processing that would have legal effects on you. If you shop with us as a non-member, we process this data due to a legitimate interest that lies in legitimate conventional marketing. If you are not our customer, we process based on your consent. 
You have the right to object to this processing at any time free of charge. Contact details are listed at the end of this document. 
Processing of cookies from websites operated by Safti Haiti 
• If you have cookies enabled in your web browser, we process behavioral records from cookies placed on the Internet pages operated by Safti Haiti, to ensure a better operation of Safti Haita’s websites and for Safti Haita’s internet advertising. More information can be found in a separate chapter of this document. 
2.2. Transfer of personal data to third parties 
Your data will be transferred to third parties or otherwise mediated only if it is necessary within the framework of the performance of the purchase contract based on legitimate interest or if you are thereby expressing their consent in advance. 
a) credit card issuing companies, payment service providers s
 for processing payments and banks based on your order, fulfillment of the purchase contract
 b) the transporter to deliver the products or services ordered by you and resolve complaints, including withdrawal from the contract
 c) other service providers, third parties involved in the data processing
 d) to third parties, e.g. legal representative, the court to enforce or enter into any contract with you
 e) public authorities (e.g. police)
 f) to third parties conducting customer surveys 
If third parties use the data within their legitimate interest, the administrator is not responsible for this processing. These processes are governed by the personal data processing principles of the respective companies and individuals. 
2.3. Customer account and purchase without registration 
a) As part of concluding the registration contract, we create a customer account for you, which is secured by a password. Within the customer account, you get direct access to your data, including its modification, and you can view your completed and unfinished data. You can also manage your data through the customer account. 
b) If you do not wish to create a customer account to make a purchase, you can you can also buy in our e-shop without registration, i.e. as a non-member.
 c) You have the right to terminate the registration contract by the relevant terms and conditions. 
3. Security of personal data and storage period 
3.1. Security of personal data 
a) Your personal data is transmitted to us in encrypted form. We use the SSL (secure socket layer) coding system. We secure our website and other systems using technical and organizational measures against the loss and destruction of your data, against access by unauthorized persons to your data, their alteration, or expansion. 
b) We require our processors to demonstrate compliance with their systems with the GDPR. 
c) Access to your customer account is only possible after entering your password. In this context, we would like to point out that it is essential that you do not disclose your access data to third parties and that you always close your web browser window when you are finished with your customer account, especially if you are using the computer together with other users. Safti Haita does not assume responsibility for the misuse of passwords unless Safti Haita directly causes this situation.
3.2. Processing period 
We process and store personal data 
• in the time necessary to ensure all rights and obligations arising from the purchase contract, i.e. during the order and warranty period • during the duration of the registration contract 
• during the time during which Safti Haita is obliged to keep as the administrator according to generally binding legal regulations. Accounting documents, e.g. invoices issued by Safti Haita are archived by the law for 10 years from their issuance. 
• Consent to marketing offers is valid for 4 years or until revoked • Review of 6 years 
• Communication 2 years 
In other cases, the processing period results from the purpose of processing or is determined by legal regulations in the field of personal data protection. 
4. Rights of data subjects 
a) If we process your data, you can request free information about the processing of your data at any time.
 b) If you believe that we are processing personal data in violation of the protection of your data and the legal conditions for the protection of personal data, you can request an explanation, demand that we remove the situation that has arisen in this way, in particular, you can demand corrections, additions, disposal of personal data or blocking of personal data.
 c) To exercise your rights, contact the commissioner for personal data protection at the e-mail address You can also contact the Protection Office for personal data.
 d) You can revoke your consent to the processing of personal data at any time.
 If you revoke your consent to the processing of personal data, your data will be deleted or anonymized, but this does not apply to the personal data that Safti Haita needs to fulfill legal obligations (e.g. processing an order already placed) or to protect its legitimate interests. The disposal of personal data will also take place if the personal data will not be needed for the specified purpose or if the storage of your data will be inadmissible for other reasons established by law. 
5. Websites 
5.1. Cookies files 
Our pages use the so-called cookies so that our offer is relevant, interesting, and user-friendly for you. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or another device that is used in your browser. Safti Haita also uses the “cookies” function from Facebook and Google We use cookies, for example on the: 
• the correct functionality of the basket so that you can complete your shopping as easy as possible order 
• remembering your login details, so you don’t have to enter them repeatedly enter 
• the best adaptation of our pages to your requirements thanks
 tracking traffic, your movement around the pages, and the functions used 
• finding information about viewing ads so that we do not show you advertising for goods you are not interested in. 
Some cookies may collect information that is subsequently used by third parties and which, e.g. directly support our advertising activities (so-called “third-party cookies”). 
For example, information about purchased products on our site may be displayed by an advertising agency as part of the display and customization of Internet advertising banners on the websites you view. However, you cannot be identified according to this data. 
5.2. Use of cookies 
Cookies used on our pages can be divided into two basic types. Short-term, so-called “session cookies” are deleted immediately as soon as you end your visit to our site. Long-term, so-called “persistent cookies”, remain stored on your device for much longer or until you manually delete them (the time cookies remain on your device depends on the settings of the cookie itself and the settings of your browser). 
Cookies can also be divided according to their functionality into: 
• analytical, which helps us to increase the user comfort of our website by understanding how users use it 
• conversion, which allows us to analyze the performance of various sales channels 
• tracking, which, in combination with a conversion, helps analyze the performance of various sales channels 
• remarketing, which we use to personalize the content of ads and target them correctly 
• essential, which are important for the basic functionality of the website 
5.3. Rejection of cookies 
Setting the use of cookies is part of your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default. Cookies can be rejected or restricted by your web browser 
selected types. 
5.4. Analytical cookies 
This site uses the Google Analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies. The Google Analytics service is extended by related advertising functions provided by Google, namely: reports of impressions in the advertising network Google remarketing (displaying ads in the content network based on the products seen) extended demographic reports (reporting of anonymous demographic data) More information about privacy protection can be found here, to reject these cookies you can install a software add-on available here
5.5. Links 
Our website contains links to other websites which are useful and contain information. Please note that these sites may be owned and operated by other companies and organizations and have different security and privacy policies.
 Our company has no control over and assumes no responsibility for any information, material, products, or services found on or accessible through these websites. 
6. Contact us 
In case of any questions, comments, or requests regarding this Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address or customer line listed in the footer of this Policy or via the e-mail address. 
Responsible person: 
7. Efficiency 
This Privacy Policy applies from July 24 , 2022. 
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